Monday, 10 September 2007

Chi Gerk & Stance work

Performing the chi gerk, sticky legs, drill has thrown up some glaring errors in my most basic of requirements - my stance.

The drill itself my not be essential learning for the practitioner although I don't believe it can do much harm. I have spent time and effort trying to correct my stance for the past few months and was under the impression that I had a reasonably steady base, albeit one that occasionally fails. Using the chi gerk drill (bong gerk, kick etc) even the slightest error in the connection to the earth is amplified. It may be the case that my stance is reasonable enough to deliver a kick, or even a block then kick, without any tremor down below but when incorporating chi gerk into chi sau this simply will not do.

The solution:

Frighteningly simple, I had decided this course of action before discussing it up the chain, my instructor concurs - executing Sil lim tao on one leg then alternating.


Feet together, legs straight(ish)

Drop down, bending knees, elbows back, fists at chest height, back straight.

Toes out, heels out -- adductor stance!

90 degree turn, shifting all weight & balance to rear leg

Lift front leg until thigh is approx parallel with the floor

Relax front leg

Begin form

Repeat with other leg

Have sore legs.

I would like to have the opportunity to work on this for a month or so at least before again attempting chi gerk, not just to save face, to evaluate the astounding outcome I envisage. Guess I'll just have to wait and see what's in store.