Saturday, 18 August 2007

Wing Chun Kung Fu

I have been studying this art, on and off, for around ten years. For ten years I have been getting around to writing down what I'm learning, today I've taken a miniature plunge into that area by typing this intro.

I have a good idea of how to organise my tea notes but I feel the Wing Chun notes may be more of a sprawling mess. My decision to keep them on this blog is more to keep myself clear. I feel that a personal notebook is in much more danger of becoming indecipherable in a short time.

Any tips about committing the martial arts to paper or links to any other favourite martial art blogs would be warmly welcomed.

My aim in writing about Wing Chun is to improve my own understanding. In the course of doing so I would also be very impressed if any comments or discussions were not following the route of so many other discussions of the art online, namely 'my lineage is better than your lineage'. As Wing Chun is a relatively new art it is bound to evolve both with practitioner body type and also with the arrow of time, especially in the current light of UFC madness.

On a more trivial note: I went to visit my Dad yesterday and discovered a 9ft wooden pole in his spare wood collection, It's a little on the thick side, but so what, I now have my own lim dim book quan. I think It's time to incorporate a lot more stance work into training as my horse stance is pretty poor and my cat stance has not been seen for longer than I care to remember.

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